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Light waves from the sun or even an artificial light source such as a light bulb, vibrate and radiate outwards in all directions. Whether the light is transmitted, reflected, scattered or refracted, when the vibrations are aligned into one or more planes of direction the light is said to be polarised. Polarisation can occur either naturally or artificially, an example of natural polarisation can be seen on the surface of water. The surface of the water will produce glare, this is light reflected off of the surface of the water which did not penetrate through the water’s natural “filter”. This is why even clear water is hard to visually penetrate with the naked eye.


Polarised Sunglasses provide an array of benefits over standard lenses. Polarised sunglasses protect the eyes from straining due to glare, stop squinting which causes epidermal lines in the regions bordering the eyes and most importantly reduce eye fatigue. Polarised lenses are not only beneficial in the sense of protection, but they also provide the wearer with visual enhancements such as visual acuity. By reducing glare, colours seem more vibrant and objects become more distinct.


Polycarbonate Injection Lenses - BRV Polycarbonate Injection lenses are manufactured from thermoplastic polymers. BRV PI lenses undergo a purification process which removes all chemical impurities from the product, making them superior to any other lenses made from polycarbonate. BRV PI lenses provide protection against heat exposure and due to the delicate extraction process they provide an excellent level of impact resistance, these lenses are impossible shatter!

CR39 Lenses - BRV CR-39 Lenses are made from a plastic polymer known as Allyl Diglycol Carbonate. They provide the wearer with all the optical clarity of a glass lens, but with the advantages you would expect from a plastic lens. BRV CR-39 Lenses are resistant to the elements, as well as chemicals. These lenses provide the best protection against scratching and abrasion in comparison to any other raw plastic compound used in a sunglass lens application.

Triacetate Lenses - BRV Triacetate lenses are made through a delicate process to ensure the purest compound as an end result. The BRV TAC lens are lightweight yet durable, they provide protection against heat and are impact resistant.

Nylon Lenses - BRV Nylon lenses are very lightweight and flexible, making them an ideal material in a lens application. BRV Nylon lenses are made from the highest quality materials for optical clarity and strength, they may be slightly bent and they will return to their original shape without causing any damage to the lenses.


Aluminium Frames - BRV Aluminium frames are all created from the purest materials to eliminate any potential faults, they are very strong yet flexible frames, making them a very unique sunglass frame material. BRV Aluminium frames provide all the advantages of metal frames but only weight 1/3 in comparison.

TR90 Frames - BRV TR90 Frames are created from a thermoplastic polyamide, these frames are very lightweight and flexible. BRV TR90 frames are completely impervious to shattering and provide an unsurpassed level of impact resistance.

Steel Frames - BRV Steal frames are 100% Nickel free, these frames provide a sophisticated look with all the advantages of a metal frame, such as impact resistance and corrosion resistance. These frames have been built to last for years.

Hand Polished Acetate Frames - BRV Acetate frames are all hand cut and polished through a delicate process which takes up to 100 hours to complete, BRV Acetate frames are very strong and resistant to low concentration acids and salt abrasion which can occur from perspiration.